Thursday, July 25, 2013

Words of Faith

We all have sorrows and circumstances beyond our control that knock us down from time to time.  Christians have every reason to hope that the trials of life will be redeemed, that God will use them for His glory and our good.  I've suffered, to be sure, but I haven't yet been blind or mute or paralyzed.  Matthew's gospel records words of faith from ordinary people who looked beyond their sorrows to Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our Salvation.  They expressed faith in Him.

Salvation's a gift, so we've been told
It lifts up our spirits and makes us bold.
The ruler, the woman, the mute and the blind
Let words of faith change their sorrowing mind.

"My daughter just died, but with You she'll live
Lay your hand on her, and new life You'll give."
"For a dozen years, I've been bleeding with pain,
If I just touch His garment, I'll be healthy again!"

When asked if they really believed in His power
Two blind men were seeing in that very hour
And a mute man, who said not a word to the crowd
For the first time expressed he was thankful, aloud.

"Only say the word, and my servant will rise
He's been suffering so, and he's paralyzed,
But I know Your command will restore him to health"-
The Centurion's faith was his greatest wealth.

God does not change, as we read in His book,
So the sorrows of life need a second look.
Are we bleeding or dying or suffering blind?
Look to Jesus for He is the God who is kind.

In His mercy, He watches us shoulder the load
Of our burdens and sorrows and pains on this road,
And He intercedes daily, and pours out His grace
And enables His children to speak words of faith.