Thursday, November 15, 2012


How many ways can a heart  be broken?
How many times can it be chopped in two?
How often I've cried out to God for our healing,
But still I am finding myself blocked from your view.

Child of my womb, how I long to see you
To understand all that you're going through.
Even though I would certainly die in a moment
To save you, our family life is askew.

The barriers, walls, confinements and cells
Have blocked us from talking and getting to know
How the other one thinks;  how the other one feels-
Even though you are crazy I still love you so.

My behaviour the other day was concerning-
I guess I can't talk to my daughter at all.
If I open up and discuss problems freely
I'm busting down some sort of unfinished wall.

Berlin knew no limits on deep separation.
They built a big wall with an impassible gap,
And I feel that the same thing is happening with Satan
Who chortles and glees and calls each one a sap.

The devil's the enemy who's at work in this trial,
He mixes our words and miscues our intents.
He loves our defeat, our division, our anger,
And divides close families without any sense.

Oh how I cry out to my God in this trial-
I pray that He will some day cause us to see
That all of the misunderstandings and sorrows
Would not have to happen, with humility.

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