Sunday, December 9, 2012


I have a friend who lost her son some seven weeks ago
She's lost upon an ocean
Adrift upon a sea
Of loss and pain and sorrow
And quiet memory.

I have a loved one lost to me but she's not dead, you know
She's baking up some cupcakes
And entertaining friends
Decorating tables
Who knows how this one ends?

There is not one hour I do not long for her to one day show
We'd kill the fatted calf
And open up some wine
And live and love and laugh
The party would be fine.

He's gone but not forgotten
Dead but more alive.
I've an amputated family-
How will I survive?
My friend is looking forward,
But I am looking back...
I wonder how we got here-
How we got so off track.
I wonder how to fix it
I know they do not know
That I am dying slowly
Heavy-hearted as I go.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

No Need to Weep

"Why are you weeping, Mary, dear soul?"
"Why shed those tears like you're broken in two?"
Desperate, your life has spun out of control
As angels in white pose this question to you.

"Why do you weep, Woman?" said the man there.
"Whom do you seek?  Who's been taken away?"
My Lord and my God, Who is nothing but Fair
Oh, where have you laid Him, please tell me I pray!

Mary stood weeping outside of the tomb.
The angels  like lightning were whiter than snow-
They said,"He has risen! He's not in this room-
See where He lay then tell others you know."

Mary stood weeping, but there was no reason!
She was not aware what was settled that day.
Jesus had suffered for only a season,
His death on the cross was the triumphant way.

Our lives, like the weather, feel sunshine and showers, 
Then lightning and earthquakes shake us to the core.
When evil befalls us, we long for the flowers -
Weeping, our hearts to the Lord we outpour.

"Mary." The Lord said her name.  She stopped weeping.
She clung to him, marveling, and then she just knew!
There's no need to question and be so discouraged-
Fix your heart on the Gardener; HIS Word's always true.

All things are invariably changing, I'm told
A Christian is seldom a long time at ease
Life's as fickle as weather, and I'm getting old
And I figure I can now live life as I please.

When life sends its snags I am tempted to cry out 
And fall to the depths of despair as I weep;
But Jesus has never forsaken, nor left me
And He always has a great promise to keep.

There's no need for weeping or sadness or sorrow!
My Lord's on the throne, in the midst of my pain;
I know that all joy will be coming tomorrow
I've nothing to fear, only heaven to gain.