Sunday, December 9, 2012


I have a friend who lost her son some seven weeks ago
She's lost upon an ocean
Adrift upon a sea
Of loss and pain and sorrow
And quiet memory.

I have a loved one lost to me but she's not dead, you know
She's baking up some cupcakes
And entertaining friends
Decorating tables
Who knows how this one ends?

There is not one hour I do not long for her to one day show
We'd kill the fatted calf
And open up some wine
And live and love and laugh
The party would be fine.

He's gone but not forgotten
Dead but more alive.
I've an amputated family-
How will I survive?
My friend is looking forward,
But I am looking back...
I wonder how we got here-
How we got so off track.
I wonder how to fix it
I know they do not know
That I am dying slowly
Heavy-hearted as I go.

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